Recap Two Days 2019

Recap Two Days 2019

Recap Two Days in the Woods 2019: Root into Nature

It feels as though my heart got bigger with a bit more love, a bit more space, a bit more grounded, a bit more connected.

How can you describe an experience with words? 

The alive sparkle and radiant smiles of a beautiful group of people who walked into the same room as strangers, and would come out again united just like old friends.

You canโ€™t describe it.

We really stopped time there for two days. And let the magic happen.

We will try anyways, to share a glimpse with you, of our first full weekend yoga retreat at the beautiful Landgoed de Horst in Driebergen.

One Tribe
As we opened the retreat on Saturday morning, it was beautiful to see the diversity of our group: A mandala of different nations, continents, cultures, genders, backgrounds, all coming together with one deep longing: To root (back) into Nature. 

Welcome Home
We set up our base at the Blauwe Kei, a cozy and inviting space with charming brick walls and wooden ceilings, that felt more like a vacation home than a yoga studio.

The tranquil, wide open meadows and woodland of the estate offered space for our outdoor activities, morning walks, and fresh air to let our thoughts, movements and creativity flow freely.

Listen and Connect
On Day 1 we set our intentions for the weekend in a moment of deep listening. Shedding light on the purpose of this journey and what would support each individual on our way. 

And soon there was chatter, laughter, discovery of shared passions with mat neighbours during practice and over tea.

Together we explored how yoga asana, walks in nature, changing perspective or the simple act of creativity can root us deeper into our own nature and connect us with the energy of the Earth.

A Feast for all Senses
Moving, breathing and yes even resting makes hungry ๐Ÿ˜‰ We enjoyed delicious food together and also let our senses be refreshed by the smells and sights of the forest wildlife, raindrops over our heads and sunshine in our face. Biddy even designed a secret aroma oil signature blend for the weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

Express Yourself
Day 2 started with a deeply resting restorative practice to reset our busy nervous system. From there on it was playtime with functional and natural movement, fun dances on the mat, letting our inner child have fun. 

Deep conversations and cheerful laughter led the way and everyone was losing track of time, becoming very much present in the moment and our mutual experience. As our second day was coming towards its end it felt like a family vacation, colouring during breaks, playing on the floor and chanting together. 

What a Difference Two Days make
When the sun set behind the treetops, we shared one more time, our sentiments and our feelings about the weekend, looking back at our intentions and how far we had come in less than 48 hours. 

โ€œI will carry a piece of each and everyone of you in my heartโ€œ, shared one participant and her expression resonated with the whole group. 

And so we hope the journey continues. For each and every one of the awesome people we got to meet, driving back off into normal life. Taking with them a piece of calm, serenity and deep connection with nature. 

A little Rest goes a long way
The beauty is, when we take the time to pause, to retreat for just a day or two, into a quiet space. Where we can tend to our own needs, pleasures, mindbody. We can truly gain clarity, space within our mindbody, to let good energy back in. And then carry this energy out into the world. 

That is how we will make a difference.

The Journey continues
To our group, you have each and all, touched our hearts and we could feel that this was indeed a magical moment in time. How blessed we feel to have witnessed that.

Thank you so much, we are looking forward to the next time, when the Woods call for us. 

Maybe they will call for YOU too ๐Ÿ™‚