We are meeting at Landgoed de Horst in the beautiful Driebergen forest. While it is only 20 minutes away from Utrecht, you will find yourself fully immersed in nature, the moment you step onto the grounds of De Horst.

You can drive to our location and park on site, or you can take public transport where a bus from both Utrecht and Driebergen train station will drop you across the street from the estate.

On the grounds you will see the main house that was built in 1835. You will also find several other buildings scattered throughout the woods. One of these is De Blauwe Kei which will be home base during our weekend retreat. De Blauwe Kei was originally the workshop of the estate and the residency of the gardeners. The characteristic big windows give it the feel of an old chapel and while we are on our Yoga mats, they will be your view and window onto the forest. The glass house will be where we will lunch and get our creative juices flowing.

We couldn’t have asked for a better spot than this cosy house and feel so lucky to get to spend our days here with you.

Overnight option

If you don’t feel like traveling back and forth, Landgoed de Horst offers wonderful hotel options on site. Economic rooms are available in the building 2 minutes away from de Blauwe Kei. Only single rooms are available here. For a double room with a little more luxury, you can book a room in Eb & Vloed, the small and modern hotel built on the grounds and a mere 4 mintes walk from our Blauwe Kei.

All rooms have private shower or bath options and everything you might need. You can book an economy room for €60,- per night. We highly recommend staying at the grounds as it will allow you to fully immerse yourself into your weekend retreat. But as we understand that might not be an option for everybody, we have made our Retreat price excluding the overnight stay. If you would like to stay on site, please book your accommodation directly at Landgoed de Horst HERE. If you decide to stay on Friday, you are eligible for a €20 discount. Contact Landgoed de Horst directly and mention the Retreat and the option for a pre-overnight stay! (“voorovernachting” in Dutch!)

How to get to de Horst

By car

On the A12 take exit “Driebergen – Zeist”. From the exit follow directions to Driebergen. Stay on the main road “de Hoofdstraat” for 2.8km. After the roundabout (yes there will be only one!) the entrance to Landgoed de Horst will be on your left.

You can park on the estate, please drive slowly on the grounds and follow the signs to P2. Our Retreat home De Blauwe Kei is located at the end of P2.

Public Transport

From Utrecht Central station: take bus 50 to Wageningen. The busstop Akkerweg (in Driebergen) stops accross the street from the entrance to de Horst. You can also take the train from Utrecht to Driebergen – Zeist.

From Driebergen Zeist Station you can take bus 50 to Wageningen. Busstop Akkerweg is accross the road and slightly to the right from De Horst.